Petcare Info

Is your dog's behaviour causing problems?

dog bad behaviour pet trainingFor a young puppy, talk to Erina Heights Vet Hospital about our own puppy preschool or enrol your dog in a training course with the friendly qualified instructors at the Central Coast Dog Obedience Training Club.

Canine Community Awareness Course:

  • Eight Week Course to develop a well mannered dog

  • Minimum age for dogs is 4 months

  • Minimum age for handlers is 12 years

  • A new course each month, Feb to Nov

  • Cost (including membership) is $75

  • Vaccination certificates required

  • You will need a flat collar and lead

Training for competition work in Obedience and Agility Trials is also available. To register phone: 4384 2688 or 4384 3873 or website
Training is held at Patrick Croke Oval Melville St, Kincumber. In February & March it is held on Monday nights commencing at 7.30pm and April to November on Saturday afternoons commencing at 3.00pm.

You will own a dog that:

  • Can go for a walk without pulling

  • Will accept being patted by a stranger

  • Show manners around people and other dogs

  • Can stand still while being groomed

  • Can stay for a short time in a sit or down position

  • Comes when called

  • Waits until invited out of the car

  • Can sit, down and stand on command

  • Will wait until invited through a door or gate

Most of our instructors have completed an intensive 18 month course through Delta Australia and are very experienced in using the positive motivational method to train dogs. This method is a kind positive approach and is less stressful on your dog. The use of reward-based training also assists you to build a closer relationship with your dog.