Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services

Flea & Tick Control

From July to February is tick season. We suggest Bravecto or Nexgard as the first choice oral product in dogs only. For those at severe risk consider Preventic or Scalibor collars as well.
Bravecto has a 4 month duration for ticks & three months for fleas after a single oral chewable is given. Nexgard is given monthly.
In cats we don' have a reliable product. Frontline spray if applied fortnightly properly is currently our only option.
With all these products it is advised to manually search your pet. It will take about 3-4 days minimum engorgement for a tick or ticks to cause clinical signs after latching on; so there is ample opportunity if time is set aside for this task. Clipping of long or thick coated animals is an option. Learn more here about fleas and ticks.

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