Erina Heights Vet Hospital Services

Special Interests

We all have particular interests.
Michael has vast experience & interest in orthopaedic surgery particularly patella luxations & various cruciate repair type surgeries including TTA's (tibia tuberosity advancment). He is also PennHip certified for hip dysplasia diagnosis.
Melissa is completing her masters in Internal Medicine from Massey University & problem medicine cases are her forte.
Natalie has also completed a highly valued post grad internal medicine course from Sydney University & enjoys 'pocket pet' medicine & surgery.
Jesse enjoys ophthalmology and brings his expertise with reptiles to EHVH. Reptiles together with rabbits & guinea pigs have become more common as household pets in recent years with urbanisation.
Alice is keen to solve those unusual dermatology cases that seem increasingly more 'usual'.
We are all keen to improve your family pets dental hygiene as our high end dental units & dedicated dental radiology machine allow us to achieve excellent results in alleviating oral pain & disease.
Remember good oral care means less chance of kidney & heart problems in the geriatric pet.

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