Medication Refills & Food Orders

Medication Refills & Food Orders

Order early so you don’t run out

Please use the form below to request your medication refill or food item.

About Ordering

  • Please give our team at least 24 hours notice before you require your order. The earlier the better so you don’t run out.

  • Some special orders may take a few days. These include items not usually held in stock or for BOVA compounded orders.
  • Prescription medication refills require our Veterinarians to have physically examined a patient within 6 months (or less if the condition or medication requires). This is a Veterinary Practitioner’s Board & NSW Health requirement. This ensures that the medication is appropriate for your pet’s current condition and your pet is healthy enough to handle any potential side effects.

What Happens Next?

  1. IMPORTANT: Medication refills and food orders are not confirmed until you have received notification. A team member will contact you by phone or SMS and may take pre-payment.

  2. When the item is ready for collection a team member will contact you by phone or SMS.

Please include food size and quantity if applicable