If your family pets teeth look like this photo – congratulations! Keep doing what you are doing.

BUT if they look like the photo to the right – we suggest you get them cleaned, because it could be causing kidney & heart valve damage.

Bad breath is caused by gum infections & plaque build up, as in humans. Some of these bacteria enter the blood stream where they can lodge onto heart valves and enter the filtering apparatus of the kidneys.

How to stop plaque & calculus buildup?

  1. Feed your pet ‘chunky’ dry dog food.
  2. When feeding ‘raw’ meat – do not cut it up – let them chew it.
  3. A natural ‘raw’ bone like neck, ribs or brisket not ‘limbs or knuckle bones’ as they crack teeth.
  4. Avoid soft textured food – eg canned, loaf or casserole type food!

If in doubt – please come & see us – our highly trained nurses are able to advise you on diet, fleas, behaviour PLUS free weigh-ins to check your family pets weight! And if necessary arrange an appointment with the vet!