Here at Erina Heights Vet Hospital, we are dedicated to giving you and your pet gold standard care!

This is why we have now improved out dental procedures through the form of staged dentals. Staged dentals are the optimal approach for pet dental care because they ensure the health and safety of your furry companions through a meticulous, phased process.

Initially, pets undergo a thorough dental cleaning, polishing, and assessment to remove plaque and tartar, and to evaluate the overall condition of their oral health, through the latest dental Xray technology, allowing us to find even the most hidden oral issues.

By addressing any bacterial presence and ensuring the mouth is in a healthy state before proceeding to more invasive procedures, such as extractions, this method significantly enhances the healing process.

Returning for extractions or further treatments only after the gums have healed and are bacteria-free reduces the risk of infection, minimizes discomfort, and promotes faster, more effective recovery. This careful, staged approach ensures that each step is performed under optimal conditions, providing a higher standard of care and ensuring the long-term well-being of your pets.

To learn more about our dental improvement plan or to book in to give your pet the healthy teeth they deserve, call us today!