“Mithras” is a large 8 years old crossbreed rescue dog, who recently fractured his left front leg (radius and ulna) after escaping from the yard and getting hit by a car.

He presented with some facial and leg lacerations as well; and the fracture repair required internal fixation with a plate and seven screws to the main radius bone to allow healing over the following 8-12 weeks. The ulna should heal without surgery, and a splint was applied postop to aid in the repair.

Complicating the repair was a skin wound on the forearm which may have introduced infection to the bone causing non-union. Mithras required intravenous antibiotics before, during, and after surgery to reduce this possibility. The splint was removed three weeks post surgery, and Mithras’ owner has begun a range of movement exercises to regain normal movement in the wrist and elbow.