EHVH stocks a full range of Royal Canin dry food for dogs & cats to suit all life stages. The Royal Canin unique flavour means palatability is high! And the Royal Canin feeding guides are accurate & take into account the bodyweight & stature when starting out. Plus the activity level in adult & large breed dogs.

Royal Canin tailor-made kibble texture & shape promotes a mechanical brushing action limiting the formation of dental plaque. Sodium phosphates bind salivary calcium to limit calculus formation.

Royal Canin ‘neutered’ range recognises that desexed pets need less calories that non-desexed pets to maintain an optimal bodyweight.

For our Cats – the Royal Canin Feline range has a non-salt ingredient to increase urine volume in order to reduce the incidence of FLUTD (lower urinary tract disease) & chronic renal failure.

The Royal Canin range has extra ingredients normally found in the prescription only range in other brands eg Vitamin E & C, and L-carnitine, EPA / DHA omega 3 & 6 oils, trace elements selenium, manganese, chondroitin & marigold extract. The balanced ratio of fermentable fibre (beet pulp) & non-fermentable fibre (maize fibre) promotes hairball elimination.

The Royal Canin Prescription Diet range includes extra ingredients to cover associated signs. For example the Royal Canin Obesity Management Diet has extra essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), chondroitin & trace elements (copper & zinc) as overweight pets are more likely to have concurrent arthritis & dull coats.

In older pets with kidney disease a low salt & protein diet is ideal; but this diminishes palatability. The Royal Canin Renal Diet has proven popular with these pets with a high uptake by these patients. It has independently been proven to increase the lifespan in renal patients who accept this diet.

If your family pet is overweight, at EHVH, our tried & tested Royal Canin “Slimfit” software program is able to formulate an individual diet program for your cat or dog which accurately & safely assists your pet to attain their optimal weight level. Ask our nurses next time you visit us!

Avoid limb bones of sheep, cow, pig origin – no matter how they are cut – as they are dense compact bone & may crack cheek teeth. Brisket, ribs & vertebrae are fine with our top choice being long cut necks that are the shape & size to give exercise to all your family pets teeth!

Cats can be odd creatures when it comes to ‘water’ – some are turned off by chlorinated tap water – so boil the kettle & allow it to cool for your cat; some won’t drink from plastic bowls & prefer metal or porcelain; some will not drink from a bowl placed next to the food bowl. And yet others prefer water lying on the floor of the shower basin!!!

In aged cats & lower urinary tract disease prone cats, the powered water fountain has proven to increase water consumption as part of the treatment regimen.