Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance


Erina Heights Veterinary Hospital highly recommends Pet Insurance! We want you to be able to afford treatment for your pet when they most need it. We unfortunately see sick and injured pet’s every day, and there is no Medicare for pets. There are lots of insurers to choose from, and it’s important that you consider which is right for you and your family.

Why consider Trupanion to cover your pet?

The best time to think about insurance for your dog or cat is when they are young and healthy (puppy, kitten, or young adult). Every pet is prone to certain types of illnesses and injuries in each stage of life, and Trupanion helps you be prepared every step of the way and gives you peace of mind.

So who is Trupanion?

  • Trupanion is a better kind of pet insurance!
  • They are the ONLY insurer with NO limits and NO sublimits EVER!
  • They have one simple policy with a 90% coverage
  • They can pay us directly (Erina Heights Vet) at the time of checkout, yes within minutes!
  • 24/7 Hospital and Member phone Support.
  • Trupanion insurance covers all new pet injuries and illnesses

Want To Learn More?

To find out more about what is covered under Trupanion pet insurance, Visit their website or call Trupanion on 1300 330 229. They’re available to help 24/7 or alternatively pick-up a brochure on next visit.