Onsite Diagnosis For Faster Treatment

The team at Erina Heights Vet Hospital is committed to providing fast, accurate diagnostics to alleviate any discomfort or pain for your family pet. Our technology and equipment enables the diagnosis and treatment (both medically and surgically) of most conditions seen in a small animal practice. Our on-site Idexx haematology (blood cell counter) and biochemistry analysers give a full blood screen in 15 minutes, which is especially important in emergency and critical care cases.

A specialist Sydney veterinary laboratory complements our needs with specific blood tests, tissue sampling and microbiology tests.

We also have a single blood test chemistry analyser which is very useful in monitoring diabetics (blood glucose test) and chronic kidney failure cases (blood urea test).

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing

Completing procedures under anaesthesia allows veterinarians to treat pets safely, calmly, and pain free. Unlike humans, pets cannot always tell us when they do not feel well. In addition, animals instinctively protect themselves by hiding or masking their illness. Therefore, in order to minimise the risks associated with anaesthesia, we recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test. We will collect a blood sample from your pet on the day of their surgery. If the results of this test are within normal ranges, we can then proceed with your pet’s anaesthetic, confident that the risks of anaesthesia are minimal. However, if the results are not within the normal ranges, we may either alter our anaesthetic protocol, or elect to delay the procedure. Although performing these tests cannot guarantee the absence of complications, it can significantly reduce the risk and provide you and us with peace of mind.