Plucking a hair from “hairy eared dogs” is beneficial!… FALSE

Why? This common ritual is no longer advised. If the ears are ‘normal’ leave them alone. If the ears have continual problems then plucking will incite inflammation to the empty follicles allowing bugs to take hold.

Most ear disease is caused by infection!… FALSE

Bacteria and/or yeasts are the opportunists that perpetuate ear disease once inflammation is initiated by other factors. The commonest are either inhalant allergens (atopy) or food allergens. Some dogs have ear disease as their sole symptom; while others may have itchy feet, muzzles, trunks etc.

Anaesthesia and careful flushing via a videoscope is mandatory to quell persistent ear disease!… TRUE

The ear drum needs to be seen; & this requires special scoping equipment with a porthole for irrigation to remove pus and debris from the long ear canal. EHVH has this equipment, & it allows the most appropriate treatment based on what is found in each individual pet.

Generally, if a pet has ear problems you may notice head shaking, or a head tilt, maybe an obnoxious odour, possible discharge or perhaps a quieter disposition than usual. If left unattended your pet will experience similar pain to a young child with an ear ache during the night. If you have any doubts about your family pet’s ears , talk to one of our vets!