Breeding Dogs

For pet owners looking to use their dog or bitch for breeding, there are some important things to consider. We recommend your dog is first checked by one of our veterinarians for general health, temperament and tested for possible inherited defects before you commit to having a litter. We are able to provide you advice on pre-breeding considerations, pregnancy management, whelping and puppy raising. Some of the common services we perform include:

  • DNA testing for common genetic disorders
  • Radiographs for hip and elbow scoring
  • ACES eye checks with visiting ophthalmologists
  • Pre-breeding and post litter health checks
  • Progesterone testing to determine best fertile windows for breeding
  • Ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy
  • Radiology to count expected number of puppies
  • Blood testing
  • Whelping and dystocia management
  • Caesarean surgery
  • Litter health checks, vaccination and microchipping

Our veterinarians at Erina Heights Vet Hospital are experienced in obtaining excellent quality radiographs for hip and elbow scoring of breeding dogs. We can arrange to have these sent to a specialist radiologist of your choosing for interpretation and scoring.

We also work in collaboration with reproduction clinics for assisted reproduction technologies, including Sires on Ice at Calga and Dr Jasmin Hyatt from Veterinary Reproduction Consultancy.

We support both new and experienced owners. Most importantly, we support responsible breeding. Responsible breeding should look to eliminate genetic problems and provide the puppies with a great environment to start their young lives. Quality of life for the parents and puppies should be the goal over financial gains. If you are considering breeding, or are already a professional breeder, reach out to us for our services and pricing. We are a popular choice on the Central Coast.