Erina Heights Vet Hospital utilises digital radiology to get an accurate diagnosis and better understanding of your pet’s health problem. Our digital radiology facility means rapid results with less radiation exposure for your family pet. Radiology is a useful diagnostic tool for bone fractures, arthritis, bleeding and trauma, heart or lung disease, vomiting, constipation, or if your pet is generally unwell. In most cases, pets will require sedation to have their xrays taken.

Digital images are able to be emailed to you for your records, or to a veterinary specialist for an extra opinion if necessary.

For breeders, we are able to perform radiology on female dogs in their final week of pregnancy to count the number of expected puppies. Our veterinarians at Erina Heights Vet Hospital are experienced in obtaining excellent quality radiographs for hip and elbow scoring of breeding dogs. We can arrange to have these sent to a specialist radiologist of your choosing for interpretation and scoring.

Dental Radiology

For dental radiology, it is not ideal to use a ‘normal’ X-ray machine for the mouth. We use a dedicated dental radiology machine, (further reducing radiation exposure) and it helps us uncover enamel defects and hidden bone infections under the gumline before they cause distress for your family pet. Our dental radiology equipment provides high-resolution dental images with a super-fast processing time. We can achieve a full mouth series of radiographs in a matter of minutes. If our vets recommend a dental procedure for your pet, they will most likely also recommend dental radiographs. Ask us about this service next time you are in.


For pets that require an ultrasound, our Esaote My Lab Ultrasound Technology is a top of the line machine for pregnancy diagnosis, tumour location, bladder stones and detection of abdominal and thoracic fluid. Ultrasound diagnostic capability is highly dependent on the quality of the machine and our pet owners can be assured that at our ultrasound machine at Erina Heights Vet Hospital is ‘top shelf’ for better diagnosis and treatment.

For breeders, we are able to perform pregnancy ultrasound on female dogs from 4 weeks after mating, to detect pregnancy, assess puppy viability and check for abnormal conditions such as pyometra.

Our veterinarians are highly competent in performing ultrasound on pets. Dr Jesse Hughes holds additional postgraduate qualifications in ultrasound, having recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound from Melbourne University. Dr Melissa Kozaruk and Dr Michelle Blake are also currently studying this qualification.