A high quality, nutritionally balanced diet is important to meet the growing needs of your pet and maintain your pet’s general health, throughout all stages of their life. Here at Erina Heights Vet, we recommend Royal Canin dry food for dogs and cats, due to its high quality, palatability and suitability to different stages of growth. We stock an extensive range of Royal Canin dry and wet foods, including regular diets and prescription diets. Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses can guide you on the best choice for your family pet.

We also stock the Oxbow range for rabbits and guinea pigs.

What should I feed my puppy or kitten?

Royal Canin diets are well researched, providing balanced nutrition for your pet and tailored to the correct age. Puppies and kittens should be given 3 meals a day until 3 months of age, then 2 meals a day thereafter. We recommend transitioning to Royal Canin Adult dry food once growth is nearing completion, around 12 months of age. Calcium supplementation is not required in any breed if the diet is balanced. Royal Canin makes both wet and dry foods for dogs and cats, however we do feel that dry food helps with overall dental health. Avoid milk or dairy products such as kitten or puppy milk, as puppies and kittens become lactose intolerant once weaned – water is adequate

Can I feed my puppy or kitten a raw diet?

If you are considering feeding your pet a home-cooked or raw diet, it is important to know that getting the balance right is very difficult and could result in your pet missing out on important nutrients for their growth and long-term health. If you are seriously considering a home-cooked or raw diet for your pet, we strongly advise speaking with a veterinary nutritionist for guidance.

What about grain-free diets?

We do not advocate “grain-free” diets. There is currently an ongoing investigation into grain free diets by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA due to a potential link to pets developing heart conditions.

Should I feed bones to my pet?

We do not recommend the feeding of bones- raw or cooked – as these can pose a choking hazard, cause an upset stomach and can break teeth.